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Frequently Asked Questions

SmartBoost is designed to be installed with a tank water heater, where tankless water heater is a standalone system. Also, SmartBoost does not supply endless hot water, however, it extends the capacity of the existing tank water heater. A complete tankless system, if sized properly, can provide endless hot water.

Yes, however the SmartBoost will require a dedicated 240V 30amp circuit.

The true capacity increase will depend on your use and flow rates, but based external testing, you can expect up to a 45% increase in tank hot water delivered by your tank.

SmartBoost requires a 30 amp breaker. When paired with an electric tank water that is already supplied with a 30 amp breaker, the unit will not require any additional wiring or infrastructure. If installed on a gas water heater it may require the addition of the required 30 amp breaker.

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